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    There’re books that you fall in love with from the first lines. There’re movies that you can watch forever. There are places where you come back again and again. It’s been 16 years already that “Kashmir” is opened for the guests on sunny days, drifty nights, spring drippings and autumn waltzes. “Kashmir” attracts absolutely different people and takes them from the northern latitude to vivid favored India. The journey is unavoidable: cozy chamber style “Kashmir” became amalgam of everything Indian. It’s interior of oriental style, bright accents, inspiring books like an interesting person to speak and of course amazing cuisine!

    We can speak for hours about the cuisine of “Kashmir”. Here you feel yourself a Deli citizen or someone from Himalayas when you have a dinner of an ordinary Indian man: rise, bowl of dhal and chapatti. You may also feel yourself a member of Rajput dynasty when you taste a royal dish of okra with creamy curry served in fresh melon!

    Don’t be afraid to stay without a guide: the hostesses of ‘Kashmir” know their business, they will choose the route and take you to the most existing paths of this spontaneous journey and you will come to it again.   


    5000 years B.C. they started to cook samosas in India – testy pies and creamy dessert Burfi; now in Kashmir we serve 5000 desserts and sweets a year.

    There’re 4341 km from India to Russia; if we put on the road all the pancakes that we cook you’ll be able to go there and back.

    About 3000 guests come to Indian wedding; here in “Kashmir” we celebrated about 3000 weddings and about 30 proposals were made here.

    Café “Kashmir” is already 16 years old. By numerology, 16 – is the number that has the force of leadership and spirituality. 

    Our cooks use more than 20 kinds of spices.

    The only purpose we have is to make you happy. If you visit us one time, you’ll come back again.

    Our Staff

    Kapur Chand Ramola
    Chef cook

    The cook that creates masterpieces of dishes just like a painter creates his artwork, he adjusts and mixes spices cooking a true piece of art. Kapur was born in sunny state Rajasthan, and studded Vedic cuisine as well as European and classical Indian cuisine.

    Filatova Julia
    Meeting person

    She is not just a girl who moves around the hall taking the orders, but she is dancing in smooth motion. When she is telling you about the dishes, it sounds like a magic fairytale! Julia is studding astrology, ancient Slavic and draws mandalas, you can speak to her about the world structure, psychology and find out about the ethnic festivals in St. Petersburg.

    Masha Dobrik
    Meeting person

    She’s the most charming and the brightest girl in our café! She surrounds with warm care all our guests and she is sincere happy to see the smile on their faces. Masha practices yoga, plays Hawaiian guitar and paints. When Masha works in the café, she creates the atmosphere of cozy home celebration.

    • I love to visit cafes. One of my favorite places became Indian “Kashmir” in the center of St. Petersburg. Every visit is like a celebration!
      Maria Kozelskaya
    • I want to tell you about my love! I’m always looking forward to come here to breath in the flavor of incenses, to enjoy the wonderful music and to taste the awesome Indian dainties.
      Tamara Makuha
    • Together with my wife we came to visit St. Petersburg for three days, decided to have lunch, got into “Kashmir” and were joyfully “surprised”. Friendly Maria, joyful thematic environment and truly delicious cuisine!
      Evgeniy Zalipov


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